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NIVIA Black & White Football Size-5

  1. Size :5
  2. Water Resistant
  3. Hand Stitched Ball
  4. Outer Material : Rubber
  5. Suitable for : Hard Ground without Grass,Wet & Grassy Ground , Artificial Turf 
  6. Shipping :3-5 Days
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Special Price Rs.715.00 Regular Price Rs.795.00

Available in size 5, these are made from 3-layer Polyester. They are rubberized with 32 panels and are hand-stitched footballs. Pre-stretched and waxed heavy gauge thread is used for the stitching. They are available in black and white colour combinations. These balls have an outer cover made from rubber which gives them a soft touch and high abrasion resistance. The bladder of these footballs is made from Latex which gives excellent bounce. Air lock valve is also incorporated in these footballs for air retention. They are used for all grounds and weather types. These footballs are mainly designed for club level matches.

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